Scotch® Reinforced Strapping Tape 863 Clear, 12 mm x 55 m, 72 rolls per case


Scotch® Reinforced Strapping Tape 863 is a high-strength strapping tape designed with a unique backing that is reinforced with continuous polypropylene monofilaments. This backing provides excellent resistance to cutting, nicking, tearing or puncturing that typically cause un-reinforced tapes to sever and fail.

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The Clearest High-Strength Tape Available
Our Scotch® Reinforced Strapping Tape 863 features a unique polypropylene backing that provides added tensile strength and clarity. The versatile, synthetic rubber adhesive is formulated to provide adhesion to metallic and fiberboard surfaces and features shear strength for demanding applications. Reinforced strapping tapes are high strength, reliable and affordable solutions for bundling and strapping.  

Recommended Applications

  • Closure on non-standard corrugated fiberboard shipping containers
  • Bundling and strapping of pipe, tube or other building materials
  • Box reinforcement
  • Special clear backing allows high clarity and visibility of graphics and images
  • Designed for closure on non-standard shipping containers (non RSC) and bundling applications
  • Reinforced tape provides cut resistance and resists tearing, breaking, abrasion, moisture and scuffs

Additional information

Weight 11.25 lbs
Dimensions 60.14 x 12 x 55 in