Scotch® Mainline Dispenser P52W, 2 in, 1 per case


Scotch® Mainline Dispenser P52W is a pull-and-cut tabletop tape dispenser with a weighted base. It can accommodate multiple rolls of tape up to 2 inches in total width. This includes various types of film-backed, filament enforced and general paper tapes, all of which can be dispensed with a single hand.


Portable, Stable Pull-and-Cut Dispensing Our Scotch(R) Mainline Dispenser P52W provides a stable dispensing platform to ensure easy, one-handed tape deployment. This pull-and-tear tabletop dispenser can hold tape rolls up to 2 inches in width, including a combination of tapes at the same time. The dispenser is portable and can be relocated with ease. Despite its portability, the P52W features a weighted base that provides stability for safe and easy one-handed tape dispensing, freeing up your off-hand while ensuring the dispenser remains in a fixed location during application. The rubber bottom won’t scratch or mar tables or desks and the durable, and the high-impact plastic exterior means it withstand even the most difficult work environments and heavy-duty use. Dispensers are Indispensable Tape dispensers have a central spool or core to hold tape rolls, keep the end accessible, and provide a means of cutting the tape. They are available in a wide variety of options, from single use, to automated industrial machines. The hand-held variety ranges from plastic, which may be either refillable or disposable, to larger devices used for packaging and bundling in conjunction with shipping. With convenience in mind, hand-held tape dispensers are common accessories in office and light-industrial settings. Weighted desktop dispensers are useful for a variety of office, retail, industrial, and home use. A weighted base keeps the dispenser stable for single-hand use yet allows portability to be carried anywhere taping is needed. Dispensers for package and bundling operations also feature single-handed design for ergonomics and convenience.

  • Weighted base ensures a stable dispensing platform, reducing accidents and spills
  • Constructed from a durable, high-impact plastic for years of heavy duty use
  • Rubber pads on the base won’t mar or scratch table tops and desks
  • Portable and easily relocated to desired work area

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Weight 8 lbs