Scotch® Filament Tape 893 Clear, 48 mm x 55 m, 24 rolls per case


With tensile strength up to 300 lbs./in. width, Scotch® Filament Tape 893 meets strapping, bundling or reinforcing challenges for packaging and non-packaging applications. Reinforced with continuous glass-yarn filaments, this high-performance tape provides good adhesion to many substrates and is used for metal coil tabbing, rebar bundling and L- and U-clip closures.

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High-Strength Solution for Splicing, Bundling and Strapping
Scotch® Filament Tape 893 provides an excellent solution for metal splicing, rebar and pipe bundling or reinforcing large bulk containers. This filament-reinforced tape has a clear, polypropylene backing that resists abrasion, moisture, scuffing and breaks, even if nicked or punctured. With an increased tensile strength, this tape is ideal for a variety of reinforcing, strapping and bundling applications. This sturdy tape dispenses easily without curling for easy application and its multi-layer synthetic-rubber adhesive system prevents delamination. The synthetic adhesive bonds well to a variety of surfaces commonly used in packaging, such as corrugated cardboard, fiberboard, plastic and metals.

Recommended Applications

  • High strength reinforcing
  • Heavy duty strapping
  • Sealing and palletizing cartons
  • Securing boxes
  • Metal splicing and coil tabbing
  • Metal and pipe bundling

The World’s Go-To Source for Filament Tapes Since 1946
3M's line of filament-reinforced tapes and strapping tapes are high strength, reliable and affordable solutions that give you product and package integrity. For closing boxes, stabilizing pallets, bundling and reinforcing; securing appliance components during transport and easy-open tear strips, our high strength tapes provide important benefits for manufacturers of piping, metal products, furniture, appliances, automotive parts, sporting goods, as well as food and beverage processors.

  • Synthetic rubber adhesive bonds easily to most fiberboard, plastics and metal surfaces
  • Glass yarn filaments add strength for box closing, bundling and more
  • Able to withstand rough shipping and handling conditions

Additional information

Weight 25.273 lbs
Dimensions 60.14 x 48 x 55 in