3M™ Stikit™ Film Disc 375L, 5 x NH P1200 w/skipslit liner, 50 per inner 250 per case


We engineered the 3M™ Stikit™ Film Disc 375L to deliver outstanding tear resistance, flexibility, and a consistent, uniform finish on a variety of substrates. Premium aluminum oxide abrasive grain offers a fast cut-rate and extended product life for greater productivity.

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Durable film backing provides tear resistance while the load-resistant coating provides greater efficiency and longer product life. Use on plastic, fiberglass, wood, metal, solid-surface composites.

  • 3M™ Stikit™ backing provides easy application and removal, and a liner prevents dust and debris from contaminating the adhesive
  • Durable film backing is tear-resistant and provides a uniform, consistent finish
  • Open coat construction provides an aggressive cut
  • Load-resistant coating helps prevent dust and debris from clogging the disc

Additional information

Weight 4.693 lbs
Dimensions 5 in

Reddish Brown