3M™ PPS™ Standard Cup & Collar, 16001, 2 cups per box, 4 boxes per case


3M™ PPS™ Cup & Collar is a hard cup and collar set that supports and holds the 3M™ PPS™ flexible liner used in the Paint Preparation System. These accessories are available in a variety of sizes including Mini – 6 oz., Midi – 13.5 oz., Standard – 22 oz. and Large – 28 oz. being a complete painting system that allows the painter to measure, mix, filter, and spray paint materials.

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  • 3M™ PPS™ is an all-in-one disposable solution for measuring, mixing, filtering, and spraying of paint materials
  • System enables the painter the ability to consistently spray at 90° to the part, no matter the part orientation (even upside down)
  • The all-in-one solution reduces the chance of outside contamination and reduces paint consumption.
  • PPS™ reduces cleaning solvent consumption by up to 70% and reduces prep and clean-up time by up to 50%

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