3M™ Hookit™ Paper Disc 426U, 5 in x NH 180 A-weight, 50 per inner 250 per case


3M™ Hookit™ Paper Disc 426U is constructed of silicon carbide mineral on a light-weight paper backing for a fine finish on random orbital sander applications such as paint prep, whitewood sanding, sealer sanding, and solid surface finishing.

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We gave these discs an open coat construction and a load-resistant coating to help prevent clogging of the disc to optimize cut and prolong disc life. The Hookit(TM) (hook-and-loop) attachment system makes disc changes fast and easy, meaning the disc can be used again and again for the extent of the abrasive life. We chose silicon carbide, which is a very hard and sharp mineral commonly used for low-pressure applications such as paint prep and the final stages of whitewood sanding. While it may have a shorter life than aluminum oxide, it produces a superior finish and should be used where the best possible finish is desired. Sandpaper discs cut better and last longer when dust isn’t loading the cutting surface of the abrasives. Open coat construction means the abrasive grains are placed with space between them to help evacuate sanding dust and avoid clogging the cutting edge of the grains. The load-resistant coating also allows the disc to continue cutting even when sanding softwoods, paints, and other materials that would, otherwise, clog the disc and hinder sanding ability. Together with the 3M(TM) Hookit(TM) backing, these features add up to increased productivity and reduced material consumption.

  • Silicon carbide mineral cuts faster than aluminum oxide and produces a superior finish
  • Open coat reduces loading of the disc
  • Load-resistant coating prevents clogging to optimize cut and disc life
  • Light A-weight paper backing is suitable for fine finishing

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Weight 3.693 lbs
Dimensions 5 in