3M™ High Performance Flatback Tape 2519 Tan, 36 mm x 55 m, 24 per case


3M™ High Performance Flatback Tape 2519 is a high performance tape for splicing liner boards, bundling, holding, packaging applications, reinforcing, wrapping and protecting.


A Tape That Demonstrates Excellence
3M™ High Performance Flatback Tape 2519 was designed specifically to be a thick, strong tape capable of meeting the everyday demands of splicing, roll-starting and roll-closure in challenging applications. This smooth flatback tape features an unbleached kraft paper backing that combines strength and moisture resistance with consistent unwind and hand-tearability. Its natural rubber adhesive provides excellent tack and hold, while withstanding temperatures as high as 200°F/93°C.

Recommended Applications

  • Tabbing
  • Roll starting
  • Roll closure
  • General purpose splicing
  • Box sealing

The Benefit of Flatback Tape
In high-volume industries, where the speed and efficiency of applications play a major role, 3M has designed a series of flatback tapes whose combination of smooth paper backing and controlled unwind provide optimal performance for large-scale jobs. Desired results such as simplified roll-starting and roll-closure, temperature and moisture resistance, as well as easy handling, make 3M’s flatback tapes the go-to solution for operations worldwide.

  • Offers quick and efficient roll starting and roll closure
  • Thick backing can be torn by hand, yet is suitable for machine dispensing
  • Natural rubber adhesive offers excellent tack and holding power
  • Provides good moisture resistance

Additional information

Weight 15.966 lbs
Dimensions 60.14 x 36 x 55 in