3M™ Fast ‘N Firm™ Seam Sealer, 08505, 1/10 Gallon (US) Cartridge, 12 per case


3M™ Fast ‘n Firm Seam Sealer is a fast setting seam sealer designed for sealing exterior joints and seams. It adheres well to clean primed or painted metal. 1/10 gallon cartridge. Ideal seam sealer where time and speed are important. Paintable in 45 min.


Fast Curing Sealer Boosts Productivity
When both fast action and quality results are important, 3M™ Fast 'N Firm Seam Sealer is a preferred choice. This firm setting product can seal a variety of external automotive joints and seams. With its high solids and low shrinkage properties, our sealer provides predictable and reliable results. You'll have a work time ranging from 5 to 10 minutes. It quickly skins and cures quickly. In fact, it cures so quickly that you can often paint in as few as 45 minutes, so there is less downtime in waiting for the sealer to fully cure.

  • Quick skinning and fast curing sealer reduces waste time
  • High solids, low shrinkage delivers consistent results
  • Seam sealer is paintable in approximately 45 minutes

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Weight 13.92 lbs