3M™ Dust Control Spray, 06837, 1 gallon, 4 per case


3M™ Dust Control Spray is a water-based formula that attracts and traps dust and dirt commonly found on paint booth and body shop floors.

The spray minimizes the need to use water to wash down floors. This is especially useful in paint booths where washing with water can cause slippery floors, rusting of booth walls, unwanted humidity and degradation of booth coatings.

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Protection That Goes Beyond Just the Paint Booth
For controlling dust and debris in your collision repair shop, there’s a better way than washing down your paint booth floors with water: our 3M™ Dust Control Spray. This spray formula is designed to attract and trap the dust and other small particles that can hang in the air, gather on your floors and interfere with your work environment and the paint process. One gallon of this water-based spray covers approximately 2,000 square feet, resulting in far less moisture than results from regularly soaking your floors, thus reducing the rust and corrosion to your spray booth. Additionally it removes ambient moisture from the booth compared to soaking the floors, allowing paint products to perform as designed. Keeping the floor dry can also minimize slipping during busy days in the shop. 

3M™ Dust Control Spray can be applied to paint booth floors, body shop floors or wherever there is loose dust and dirt. It holds down even tiny primer and sanding dust particles, helping to keep them out of the air, out of vehicle interiors and – very importantly – away from your painted or paint-prepped surfaces. Mop or broom cleanup is fast and easy. Simply reapply a thin spray coating after every second vehicle to keep your paint booth, your shop and your paint quality clean and professional.

The Science of Staying Clean
Our 3M™ Dust Control Spray showcases how solid science can create a cleaner, more efficient collision repair shop. Engineered by 3M specifically to trap dust and other airborne particles without the need to regularly soak the shop floors with water, it’s another great example of what 3M does best: Science. Applied to Life.™

  • Spray application minimizes need to wash down floors, reducing humidity in the paint booth
  • Helps reduce booth corrosion caused by water
  • Eliminate dust quickly with a broom or mop
  • Helps keep dust and small particles away from freshly prepped or painted surfaces, critical in collision repair

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