3M™ Disc Pad Hub 45205, 2-1/2 in 5/8-11 Internal, 10 per case


3M™ Disc Pad Hub has an internal threaded metal insert that threads onto the shaft of a sander and grinder to hold a disc pad face plate and fiber disc in place.

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Our 3M(TM) Disc Pad Hub holds the face plate firmly in position to support a fiber disc with a 7/8 inch center hole, which is secured to the hub with a compatible retainer nut. The disc pad hub enables operators to select face plates with four different densities Soft, Medium, Hard and Extra-Hard offering the convenience of using a single power tool for multiple grinding applications. Face plates are sold separately.

  • Rigid hub provides firm support for fiber disc face plate
  • Versatile hub holds fiber disc face plates of all densities
  • Disc pad hub only—disc pad face plates and fiber discs sold separately
  • Various sizes available for different sized face plates

Additional information

Weight 1.98 lbs
Dimensions 212 in