3M™ Clean Sanding Soft Interface Disc Pad 20278, 5 in x 1/2 in x 3/4 in Multihole, 10 per case


Constructed of a soft durable foam. When used with a Clean Sanding Backup Pad it increases conformability allowing the technician to follow contours and get in closer to most edges while maximizing dust extraction.

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The 3M(TM) Clean Sanding Soft Interface Disc Pad is constructed of 1/2″ soft density foam with a 3M Clean Sanding hole pattern to add conformability to a Clean Sanding backup pad (sold separately). The soft interface disc pad provides a greater cushion and more conformability than a pad with medium density foam. Use this pad to reduce edge cutting when the pad is tipped on edge and maintain closer contact with the edge while maximizing dust extraction. The pad contains a series of uniquely designed holes and channels which allow dust to be pulled through the holes and away from the sanding surface. This improves the work environment and prolongs disc life. 3M’s Clean Sanding dust-management system evacuates dust from the work surface better than 5- or 6-hole products, dramatically increasing disc life and maximizing cut-rate. Optimized with a self-generated vacuum sanding tool fitted with a Clean Sanding filter bag (sold separately), Clean Sanding products allow the vacuum to suction dust from the air and off of the workpiece. This reduces loading of the disc and adds life to the abrasive. Additionally, reducing dust in the air improves working conditions. You can also pair Clean Sanding abrasives with Clean Sanding disc pads for use on a central-vacuum-ready sander.

  • Soft density foam responds to contours and edges
  • Designed with 3M™ Clean Sanding hole pattern to help with dust extraction and minimize loading
  • Hookit™ attachment systems help expedite swapping out of discs during multi-step sequences

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Weight 0.878 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 0.5118 in